Something new…

Recently I had a past client of mine ask if I do boudoir photography. I told her that I do not, and I referred her to another photographer. I thought that was that, but then she asked if I would be up for trying it out…I thought about it and figured why not. It’s always good to try new things and get out of your comfort zone, right? This would be a big change from my usual which is newborn babies, families and weddings (mainly newborn babies, so this would be a very big change of pace!). I was a little nervous…I wanted my client to feel comfortable, and I wasn’t too sure about posing. Of course in any type of portrait photography you always want your subject to be in flattering poses. In boudoir photography however, I feel like great posing is even more important. Not only to flatter your model, but also to make her feel confident, sexy, and beautiful. 

Since it was my first time photographing boudoir, and my clients first time modeling for it, we figured we’d just go with it and figure it out together. After playing around with the poses and light, moving some furniture around, and a few outfit changes, I ended up with some gorgeous images. My client looked amazing and was so easy-going…a combination that is always great to have in a model! 

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